Do you sell eggs?

Yes, we currently sell chicken and duck eggs. Please knock on the front door for service or call ahead. We ask that you kindly don’t honk your horn because it startles the animals.

What’s the difference between chicken and duck eggs?

Duck eggs have a much harder shell. They are richer and creamier with a more earthy taste. They are typically 30% larger than chicken eggs and have higher protein content. And with a higher yolk to white ratio and less water content, they are great for baking.

Do you have chickens for sale?

Currently we sell Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds. We will be adding Buff Orpingtons later in 2023. Please contact us for availability.

Do you sell chicks or pullets?

We sell both. Chicks are sold straight run. Pullets are sexed. Please contact us for availability.

Do you sell ducks?

Yes. We sell both ducklings and laying ducks. Ducklings are sold straight run. Ducks are sexed. We currently have Khaki Campbell ducks and are looking to add Runners by the end of 2023. Please contact us for availability.

Do you have goats or pigs for sale?

The goats and pigs we currently have are permanent residence at Sheeply Farm. You are more than welcome to come visit them. Please call and schedule an appointment.

What kind of wood do you sell?

We have wood for camping and fire pits (Poplar, Pine, Elm, Sweet Gum, Cedar), wood for heating your home or longer burning camp fires (Red and White Oak, Beech) and wood for cooking (Red Oak, White Oak, Hickory and Cherry).

What makes the cooking wood different from the other wood you sell?

We offer our cooking wood in 3 varieties to suit various cooking needs, Chips, Chunks and Logs. All of our chips are sifted through ½” hardware cloth to get rid of dust and debris for the best possible flavor. For our Red and White Oak logs we take the extra time and process pieces only using the hearts of the log, meaning there is no bark and little to no sapwood on each piece to maximize flavor and get a cleaner burn.

How do the road-side stands work?

The stands are self-service. Pull up to the stand in your vehicle, grab what you need and pay at cash box conveniently located on the side of the stand or pay electronically via PayPal or Venmo located next to the cash box. It’s that easy.

How do you sell your wood?

We sell wood by the cubic foot. A bagged or wrapped bundle is .75 cubic feet, similar to what you may find at your local grocery store. A loose stack in our road-side stand is about 5-6 cubic feet. We also sell wood by the face cord, which will fill the bed of a standard sized pickup truck. Please contact us for face cord availability.

What if I need more wood or have a special request?

Please contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll see if we can help.